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WSC 2023


After a 3000 km journey from Darwin to Adelaide with Eclipse XI, we not only secured the 1st place for Canada but also the second for all of North America. Ranked 10th globally, we proudly crossed the finish line in 46 hours, 53 minutes, and 59 seconds. Eclipse XI also survived without any electrical, mechanical, or puncture issues, successfully overcoming challenging conditions.

ASC 2022

After delays beyond the control of the entire world, we are happy to have finally had the opportunity to return to the road with Éclipse X.2! With a fully renewed electrical system, we took on the Oregon Trail. An adventure starting in Independence, Missouri and ending 2500 km later in Twin Falls, Idaho with an official time of 56 hours, 57 minutes, and 53 seconds. After this latest feat of Éclipse X, we will pass the torch to our next prototype, Éclipse 11! We will be back in full force with a completely renewed vehicle!

WSC 2019

We are very proud to share with you the documentary featuring our competition at the World Solar Challenge 2019! The captured footage tells the story of our Australian adventure, during which Éclipse X made history for the club by becoming the first Quebecois team to finish the competition. This is how we wrap up our Australian adventure.

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