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Looking for a university experience that goes beyond the classroom?


You are in the right place! At Eclipse, our primary mission is to build a high-performance solar vehicle while promoting sustainable mobility. Whether your area of interest is engineering, project management or communication, there is a place for you within our dynamic team. Find out below how you can contribute to this exciting project and enrich your student life.

Our journey, step by step

At Eclipse, we take each project well beyond the simple idea. We live a complete adventure, from the design stage to the competition through manufacturing and testing. Each step is crucial and provides our members with invaluable experience in the world of engineering, teamwork and innovation. Discover below how we turn our ambitions into realities.


Your chance to create

Whether you're new to design or a modeling expert, we have a project for you. Our projects vary in complexity, providing you with an excellent opportunity for growth and learning.


Where ideas take shape

During our intensive manufacturing phase, you will have the opportunity to practice various manufacturing processes to build our vehicle from A to Z. Mentors will guide you through the process, and you can also visit the facilities of our sponsors to insight into the industrial world.


Real-world Testing

It's time to check the viability of our project. This step is crucial for our preparation for future competitions. You will contribute to aspects such as:

  • Track laps: Test our prototype on a closed circuit to evaluate its performance.

  • Competition simulation: Here we simulate competitive conditions to sharpen our efficiency and team communication.

The competition

The culmination of our efforts

All of our energy and efforts are focused on this exciting moment. You will experience true team spirit, while navigating through challenges such as:

  • Scrutineering: The careful examination by the judges of the competition to ensure the conformity of our vehicle.

  • International race: The ultimate challenge, where we put our vehicle to the test over several thousand kilometres.



  • Resolution of models by finite elements

  • Aerodynamic analysis

  • Designing various Eclipse sub-assemblies using Catia

  • Manufacturing and optimisation of the prototype (machining, composite materials, welding)

In addition, we are particularly looking for technicians for the machining of parts.


  • PCB design

  • Vehicle power analysis and optimization

  • Race strategy development

  • Embedded system programming

  • Development of a lithium ion battery

  • Design of a solar panel system



  • Development of a genetic algorithm for racing strategy

  • Development of the telemetry system allowing the analysis of the vehicle

  • Development of meteorological data analysis tools

  • Management of the software infrastructure to facilitate the work of the team

Python, TypeScript, C++, Django, DEAP, Bulma, Grafana, Docker


  • Management of the deadlines of the various projects

  • Organization of the competition

  • Organization of testing periods

  • Development of the itinerary for the competition

  • Maintaining contacts and relationships with partners

  • Organization of social events (unveiling, team bonding)

  • Administrative Support



  • Content creation and media

  • Public relations

  • Design and marketing

  • Community management

  • Website and file management

Much more than a prototype

Community involvement
At Eclipse, we are more than just a technology club. We actively participate in causes that are close to our hearts, such as the ÉTS Food Bank, for which we manage the transport of food to the campus.

Versatility in events
Our involvement does not stop there. Whether managing locker rooms for on-campus events, or attending trade shows and conferences, we like to diversify our skills and experiences. For example, we recently presented our prototype at an electric vehicle show.

A family beyond the project
But the heart of Eclipse is its community. Beyond projects and events, we are a close-knit group of friends who know how to have fun and support each other. From the traditional Christmas party to simple hangouts, at Eclipse, you will find a second family.

Ready to be part of the adventure?

If what you've read here intrigues you and you want to know more, click the button below. Completing this form does not commit you to anything, but will allow us to contact you to discuss the opportunities available to you within Eclipse.

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