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Eclipse X– 2018

Designed with a view to optimizing aerodynamic properties, Eclipse X is the proud successor of Eclipse 9 in terms of both mechanical and electrical design. This prototype has an efficiency and top speed never seen by any Canadian solar car team. These outstanding characteristics are attributed to its light weight and low drag. The work done by the team has been rewarded in its last performances in competition.


Eclipse X finished the American Solar Challenge 2018  in third place. Its most recent competition is the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge which took place in Australia in the fall of 2019. This event proves to be the most prestigious in terms of solar car competition. Indeed, Eclipse was able to compete against its high caliber adversaries  from all over the planet. It is with enormous pride that the Eclipse team can declare themselves victorious for being the first Quebec team to be part of the top 10 of this international competition. Eclipse not only ranked 9th overall, but also distinguished itself by being the 2nd best team in North America.

Technical characteristics:

  • Car weight: 190 kg

  • Car type: Asymmetric single-seater, category Challenger

  • Battery type: 20kg Panasonic lithium-ion cells

  • Motorization: 1 CSiro motor, rear wheel on the pilot side

  • Solar panels: 4 square meters of 24.3% efficient Sunpower silicon cells

  • Chassis: Carbon fiber monocoque, structural foam and Nomex honeycomb

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